Sourcing parts and materials can involve negotiating with a number of different suppliers in several countries. Using CME’s export consolidation service means that we do all the hard work for you and submit a single invoice for all the materials supplied.

Instead of dealing with a range of suppliers, often in different countries with separate financial terms and conditions, you deal with just one – CME.

As leading manufacturers and suppliers of spares and machinery we are experts in identifying sources of high quality materials. We are nominated export consolidation agents for a number of customers and buy for companies worldwide, so are ideally placed to negotiate favourable rates.

Placing a single order with CME simplifies the ordering process and eases finance enabling our customers to buy all the high quality materials they require quickly and easily.

We offer export services to all destinations worldwide and can deliver to airport, port, or direct to your door. All shipments can be tracked online from shipment to delivery.