We have over 30 years of experience in the tobacco industry, manufacturing and supplying packaging machinery for the following products;

  • Hard Box Cigarettes
  • Soft Pack Cigarettes
  • RYO Product
  • Molasses and Shisha Tobacco
  • OTP products such as Snus, E-cigarettes and NRT Products

We have rationalised the design of our HLP machines, simplifying their construction, eliminating redundant components and upgrading mechanical drives.

This has allowed us to increase machine throughput and efficiency by easing foil bundle preparation, improving quality control of pack formation and simplifying machine settings. Detailed attention has been applied to the critical areas influencing product quality to ensure our machines produce packs of the highest quality.

Our HLP machines also feature a special drying drum, which is recommended for niche and novel product as well as being suitable for bevel and round corner products.

CME coupon units can be fitted to any hinged lid packer. The units have a fully adjustable stack fed magazine and are capable of accepting a range of coupon sizes from 50mm x 28mm to 90mm x 60mm. They are supplied with coupon inhibit and are fully integrated with the HLP’s PLC, helping to reduce wastage.

Bespoke units are also available for a wide range of applications including multi-fold style coupons and any others outside of our standard offering.




The CME 225 HLP is based on an extensively re-engineered HLP technology for single and double bundle packets.



This second generation HLP machine offers speeds of 300 packs per minute when producing a standard product.